Why is my digestion so messed up?

Reflux (GERD), constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gall bladder disease, IBS, undigested food, SIBO, Celiac disease, Crohn's, and Ulcerative Colitis - these are just some of the diagnoses that people with digestive issues receive. But what about high cholesterol, lack of energy, vitamin deficiencies, muscle cramping, eczema, acne, brain fog, and weight gain? These are digestive issues as well.

It's not as simple as just eating and processing.

The most common complaints heard in my practice are related to digestion. These issues affect people on a daily basis. And they affect the bigger picture as well. Without our ability to digest food, and without gut health, we can't nourish our bodies.

Critical to our digestion are the "critters" (the bacteria that make up the microbiome) that live in our gut. They break down food, extract nutrients, feed them to the body, and can both prevent and cause illness. They also produce a number of chemicals and hormones that our bodies require to function.

Also critical to digestion is the integrity of the gut - which is, in part, kept up by that microbiome. When the structure of the gut is intact, we're able to absorb nutrients, as well as keep toxins, bacterial byproducts, and other unwanted materials out of the bloodstream.

Find out why. Digestion improves.

Microbiome issues, food intolerances, and gut integrity (leaky gut) are at the core of these digestive issues. But they're not the only causes. Evaluation of other systems and addressing those issues as well can correct the problem, and digestion improves.

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