I’ve been wanting to write this post for a very long time.

Why is healthcare so @$&% expensive?

Probably a month ago, like every good person trying to improve their overall well-being, I was seeking some self-improvement/personal growth information. I followed a link which led me to another link which sent me to a sign up for a webinar. In that webinar, which of course was supposed to change my life and revolutionize how I do EVERYTHING, they promised that I could have all of this for free. For FREE? Yes. For free. Well, of course I HAD to follow all the things. I signed up for the webinar and painstakingly listened to the hour of life changing promises that they made. And then at the end came the hook… I could have their workbook, that would change my life, for $600. And of course, if I decided that I couldn’t afford it or didn’t want to pay for it, I could keep it and ask for a refund. Wait. That doesn’t sound like it’s free to me.

Of course I was outraged. Ok. Beyond outraged. Granted, it’s only $600, but last time I checked that was a lot of money to me, and to most people. Then I thought back to all of the times when I was out seeking information, even something as simple as the full text for a journal article, and the person or organization in control of the information was seeking some exorbitant fee. What’s up with that? Why does everything that is promised to change people’s lives come at such a hefty price?

How about we change that?
I’d like to do things differently.

One of the problems I hear from prospective clients is – “it’s too expensive”. This has frustrated me to no end – not just from the business standpoint (why is healthcare a business?), but also from the helping standpoint. I chose this profession to improve the quality of people’s lives. It’s hard to do that with money as a huge barrier. It’s cheap(er) to go through health insurance and use what I call “bandaid care” (drugs and frequent office visits), but expensive to find the cause, fix the problem, and then maintain health.

I’ve had the same struggle personally. When I was in school and shortly thereafter, when I didn’t have any form of health insurance or the ability to order specialized tests I simply went without. I didn’t get the care or testing I needed. I have no doubt that it compounded a lot of my issues. I hear this from others, including those with health insurance, quite a lot.

I’ve built my practice differently. And things are changing. I want people to get what they need, the testing that they need, and overall the information that they need to be happy and healthy – with as few costs as is humanly possible. I want people to be able to find the cause and fix the problem – affordably.

So, here’s what’s happening.
Over the next several weeks-months I will be posting TONS of information. I will be posting protocols, testing and treatment methodologies, information about common chronic health conditions, testing costs (I don’t make profit on any of my testing), etc. I want people to have access to as much information as they can get with no cost. Yes. That’s what I said – for Free. No strings. I want everything to be transparent. The information is there (or will be) for everyone to use. I will also be doing more free community classes to provide as much information as possible.

There’s only one drawback to this (not a catch). The information will be somewhat generalized. People may be able to apply it to their situation or not. In other words, it might make sense for you, and it might not.

So, if people decide they need individualized protocols, testing, supplements, guidance, etc., I’ll still be offering one-on-one care, as well as adding group appointments and a number of other services in the near future with as low of a cost as is possible.

it’s time that we change things. Let’s see if we can make this work.

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