Ok, so what caused this?

Most people are told that their condition is genetic, given a standard medication, and then sent on their way. Others are told that it's biochemical, and yet no one checks their biochemistry. And then there are those that are told that this is normal for their condition or their age.

Even worse, some are told that no one knows why they are the way that they are (and it's all in their heads).

What we've figured out from thousands upon thousands of studies, is that there's always a cause, and the cause is almost never just one thing.

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It's not just the genes.

Most conditions have been shown to be between 0-25% genetic. Unless there's a clear chromosomal issue that can be based 100% on genetics (which is extremely rare), then multiple factors are usually involved. As easy as it would be to blame things we have no control over, this is only a small factor.

Nature vs Nurture?

We know that environmental factors - which includes everything we've ever been exposed to over the course of our lives, is a huge factor in contributing to development of disease. This is Nurture. And this is something that we can control (from this point forward). While exposure to things like toxins, viruses, the wrong types of foods, etc. may have led us to this point, removal of them and their effects can halt the progression of whatever conditions that we're dealing with.

Gut Permeability

In short - leaky gut. If the gut is functioning as it's supposed to, then we respond better to all kinds of things: foods, vitamins/minerals, bacteria, toxin exposure, etc. It's not just leaky gut, though. As long as the gut is healthy, since it's a HUGE part of our immune system, our neurological system, and more, it HAS to function optimally, or we don't.

How Do We Find Out?

Well, that's simple.

There are simple tests we can use to figure out the causes of most conditions. These tests evaluate the function of a number of organ systems, hormones, and other biochemistry in the body. We can also check the response of the immune system to different substances (like foods).

Using these tests we can find the causes, and then fix them.

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