Greetings from Dr Andrea!!! Welcome to my first Newsletter.

Happy New Year!!!! Ok, it’s February, and holy cats January has FLOWN by. Now is the time to set appointments for late February and early March.

There have been a lot of exciting developments as of late: many new changes happening to my website and all kinds of new offerings.

I’ve been working with a variety of new supplement companies. Currently I’m ordering from Designs for Health, Orthomolecular, Integrative Therapeutics, Pure Encapsulations, DaVinci Labs, Xymogen, Apex Energetics, and Biotics. I’m evaluating new products all the time to better serve your needs and sensitivities.

Programs, Plans, and ‘Pointments:
While I’m still offering full protocols like what many have already used, I’ve decided to add two additional options. I will now be offering membership plans which consist of two different options. Tier I membership will offer up to 2 visits per month, and the cost will be $250. Tier II membership will offer up to 3 visits per month and cost $350. All supplements and testing will be charged in addition. Memberships will be charged monthly, and can provide substantial savings over a “program” (which is one lump sum or a large amount split into 6 payments with appointments and supplement costs factored in), or over individual appointments. I’m also now offering a basic fee-for-service appointment. The cost of each of these appointments is $250. This is for the client that only wants an appointment once in a while, and where the appointments are fairly long. Rest assured, for those that have been seen under old programs, your follow up, basic check-up. or bloodwork appointments are still $100. The membership is also good for someone who wants to start a new protocol or get a refresher protocol. Most patients will save money with the membership options.

I am still offering the 184 food IgG Delayed Type Hypersensitivity testing through Alletess. Their current pricing, as of this writing, is $184 (plus draw fee paid directly to the lab). If you’ve had one of the other tests done, I highly recommend getting this one. The test is exhaustive. It has virtually every substitution that exists including tapioca, almond, coconut, potato, sorghum, millet, etc. And for those that are struggling with remaining gut issues, those additional tests can make all the difference. I’m also still offering tests through Quest, and also some new tests through Evexia labs including cortisol panels, neurotransmitter and neuroendocrine hormone panels, and male/female hormone panels. While some of these tests can be a little pricey, I find that they provide amazing information.

Office Space:
I am still seeing patients via house call or meet-up. Given that our area is so broad, it’s often easier for me to get to you than it is for you to get to me. However, I am looking at several locations where I might start seeing patients. Stay tuned for those locations.

Ordering and Online Scheduling:
For a lot of you, getting ahold of me has been a struggle. As many of you know, I’m wretched about returning phone calls. So, email is still the best way to go. I am also looking into an online scheduler and an online “store” where many of your supplements can be ordered without the “middle-girl”. It’ll make receiving your supplements that much quicker. Stay tuned for the launch of these two services.

As we find ourselves neck deep in the new year, and in the doldrums of Winter (did we have a Winter this year?), it’s easy to lose track of some of the things that we’ve all worked on over the last couple of years. If it’s time for a tune-up, don’t hesitate to give a holler. Also, don’t forget your vitamin D. We all need it.

If I can be of service, please let me know.

The greatest compliment someone can provide is the referral of a family member or friend.

Dr A

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