I'm glad that you've joined me.

For those that don't know my story, I'm an 18+ year Celiac, a 5+ year Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and 16 year post-adrenal burnout individual. I'm also a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in Functional Medicine. My history is a large part of why I'm in this specialty.


I was diagnosed a Celiac in 1998, several months after my oldest son was born, and several months after prolonged sickness. I'd actually had issues my whole life - but not like this. I was diagnosed accidentally - when my physician ordered the "wrong blood test". Thanks, Doc! It changed my life forever. She didn't have a clue what Celiac was, how to treat it, where I should turn, or what I should be doing. She sent me home with a diagnosis and a million questions.

Over 18 years, I've discovered that not much has changed. Patients are still sent home with a diagnosis and a million questions. Their physicians don't seem to have many answers, and the same hopes and dreams for a miracle cure still exist.

Thankfully, we have more resources now. We know more about how to reduce, if not eliminate symptoms, the lifelong effects of dealing with a diagnosis, and how we can heal.

Believe it or not, I'm grateful for this journey. I was very much alone in the early years of my "adventure", but you don't have to be.

Please look to this space for journal articles, discussions, and a cornucopia of other information.

I'm glad to be on this journey with you.

--- Dr. Andrea

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